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Measurement of bulk samples – brake pad

AppNote B-XRD1095: measurement of a brake pad bulk sample


Bulk samples such as metal blocks, ceramic sintered bodies, or pharmaceutical tablets are aggregates of microcrystals that can be measured by powder X-ray diffraction. In conventional powder diffraction measurements, samples need to be filled into a sample holder the size of a typical coin and placed in the center of the diffractometer. Hence, to perform measurements of bulk samples, it has been necessary to cut or pulverize samples according to the sample holder, or to use an attachment with an electrically driven adjustment axis in the thickness direction of the sample. With Rigaku’s bulk sample holder, thick bulk samples can be easily placed in the diffractometer without any need to cut or pulverize, making it possible to identify crystal phases of bulk surfaces in a non-destructive manner. The brake pad of a motorcycle was placed on the bulk sample holder, and qualitative analysis to identify crystalline phases of the material was performed.

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