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Fast, flexible residual stress measurement of shot peened surfaces

AppNote XRD-UIV_02: residual stress measurement of shot peened surfaces


Many machined components are commonly exposed to either stress corrosion or metallic fatigue in their operational environment, making these parts susceptible to surface cracking damage or component failure. Surface preparation methods, such as sand blasting or shot peening, are commonly used to introduce a uniform compressive stress field in the near surface region as a means of combating surface cracking phenomena. Correspondingly, stress measurement techniques, such as X-ray diffraction, have been developed to quantitatively analyze the magnitude of the stresses produced. X-ray diffraction based methods have the added advantage of being non-destructive and consequently have been used for decades. The Rigaku Ultima IV includes a modular accessory interface that enables users to change from a standard powder diffraction configuration to a dedicated stress measurement configuration in a few minutes.

The Rigaku Ultima IV diffractometer with Cross Beam Optics (CBO) was configured with the MPA 2000 stress and texture attachment for side-inclination stress measurements. The CBO were positioned in the parallel beam (PB) setting and a 0.5° parallel slit analyzer was used to collimate the diffracted beam. The combination of PB optics and the MPA 2000 motorized stage height allows samples of various dimensions to be easily mounted and aligned, even considering irregular sample geometries.

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