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MiniFlex monochromator features

AppNote B-XRD1056: MiniFlex monochromator features


With the MiniFlex, it is possible to install a graphite monochromator for a scintillation counter, of the type used in high-grade, standalone, general-purpose equipment. By using a monochromator, it is possible to obtain an X-ray diffraction pattern with high P/B ratio because the monochromator can remove interfering components such as continuous X-rays produced by the X-ray tube, Kβ-rays, and fluorescent X-rays from the sample. Fig. 1 shows the X-ray diffraction pattern for hematite, measured using the Kβ filter method and the graphite monochromator method. The large reduction in background makes it possible to observe very weak peaks as illustrated by the inset box between 38 and 40 degrees. This makes identification of trace phases much easier.


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全自動多目的X線回折装置 SmartLab SE


デスクトップX線回折装置 MiniFlex


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