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MiniFlex variable knife edge features

AppNote B-XRD1057: MiniFlex variable knife edge features


The MiniFlex can be equipped with the D/teX Ultra high-speed 1-dimensional detector to obtain greater intensity. This detector has a broad detection surface and can efficiently count diffraction X-rays from a sample. As a result, it is possible to obtain intensities from a few tens to roughly 100 times greater than a scintillation counter. Background can also be reduced using the fluorescent X-ray reduction mode, or knife edge etc. By using a knife edge, it is possible to achieve an extreme reduction in scattering on the low-angle side. Also, the knife edge moves in a way which is dependent on the diffraction angle 2θ, and thus there is no blind spot (intensity attenuation) on the high-angle side, and measurement can be done from the low-angle side to the high-angle side.


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全自動多目的X線回折装置 SmartLab SE


デスクトップX線回折装置 MiniFlex


試料水平型多目的X線回折装置 Ultima IV